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Round Dining Table Vs Rectangle Dining Table: What To Choose?

Lucy Carter

Posted on June 09 2022

When it comes to dining tables there’s a lot to take into consideration; the style, the colours and the theme of your home. But have you thought about the shape? Dining tables are a staple to most homes, whether they’re a statement piece or a space-saving piece. You should take into consideration the space in your home, how you like to entertain and the practicalities of each style. We take a look at the unique benefits of having a round and rectangle dining table to help you make a final decision.



Your space is of primary importance when deciding on the shape of your dining table. The size and shape of a room will determine what you should look for in a dining set. Ideally, you want your dining setting to reflect the shape of the room. So a large rectangular room would be best suited to an elongated rectangular or oval table. If you have less space to work with, like a combined small living and dining space, using a circular dining table is ideal. The rounded corners create the illusion of a bigger room, and you can even squeeze in an occasional chair and floor lamp in the opposite corner.



Estimating the practicality of your table can be done by asking yourself how often you will use the dining table and if you’ll use it for things other than food. How do you like to style your table? Do you sometimes like to work from your dining table or do art projects there? Or are you more likely to eat on a barstool at the kitchen counter? If you have more people to invite or you need a big workspace for other purposes, you’re going to get the most utility out of a rectangular dining table. If you often eat on-the-go, or don’t often have more than four guests, a small, round dining table is ideal because it’s out of the way and quick to clean off if you’re dusting or wiping it down. Take advantage of even more practicality with the Mari-anna Foldable Table that transforms from a round dining table to rectangular shape at the flick of a latch.

Social Aspect

The last thing to consider is how often you entertain and how many people are likely to be gathered at your dining table. Large rectangular dining tables can usually seat more people. However, the flow of conversation is very different to that of a circular or round dining table where every guest can see and speak to each other. Similarly, if it’s just you and one other person, a round dining table is a great way to invite interaction. A rectangular dining table also gives you the freedom to sit across from each other or at different ends and take as much space as you need.


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