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Our Tips for Choosing Occasional Chairs in Australia

Lucy Carter

Posted on March 22 2022

When it comes to finding perfect occasional chairs in Australia, it’s worth putting thought into the selection process to ensure that you find the right fit for your home’s style.

Occasional chairs are a great way to elevate a space with a focal point. They also provide the perfect spot to chill out and unwind, whether you’re curling up with a book, studying with a cup of tea or enjoying a glass of wine in the evening.

At Home Buy, we offer a variety of occasional chairs in Australia, ranging from luxurious corduroy armchairs to stylish rattan pieces.

Here, we’ve listed a few of our top things to consider when looking for the perfect occasional chair.



The first thing to consider when looking for an occasional chair: what do you want the chair to do? What will the main function of the chair be?

Are you looking for a piece to create a focal point in your chosen space or simply somewhere to relax, which will blend in with the rest of your furniture? Do you want to use a statement colour or fabric which draws the spotlight or a complimentary piece that anchors your theme? Will you be working in the chair, relaxing in the chair, or both?

Deciding the function of your accent or occasional chairs in your home in Australia will help guide other decisions such as the style, material and size of the chair.


Size & Space

It is also important to consider the space you have to work with and how big or small your chair needs to be to fill the area. The sizes of all existing furniture come together to bring life and depth to a space. So to create a balanced aesthetic, you should think about how items will relate to each other in terms of size and scale.

Hot Tip: Ensuring that you have space to easily move around a chair is a great way to keep a room from feeling squishy and cluttered, and to let you quickly reposition your chair for more optimal relaxation!



When selecting occasional chairs in Australia, consider how often you’ll be using the chair and the kind of feel you wish to create in the room. If you plan to use the chair regularly, you might opt for a more durable material, whereas if the chair is more of a statement piece, you could pursue a more stylish option.

It is also important to think about how the material will influence the overall vibe that an occasional chair brings to a space. A cosy Cocoon Armchair creates a comfortable feel which invites you in, whereas a metal or plastic chair creates a more modern, sleek look.

Hot Tip: Treat your fabric occasional chair with Scotchguard to protect and lengthen the chair's life. Spills and staining on chairs that receive daily use can be a common (and unwanted) occurrence!



This is where things get exciting! Think about the theme of your home, and in particular, the room the occasional chair will occupy. How would you describe the space: is it bohemian, modern, or more traditional in style?

At Home Buy, we have a range of chairs suitable for different themes, including a gorgeous Flora Armchair for more vintage-style setups. You can also talk to one of our friendly team for advice on which style of occasional chair in Australia will be perfect for your room.

Although you don’t need to adhere to a single theme for a space, it is important to consider how the chair will visually relate to other elements such as furniture, light, and spacing.


Searching for Perfect Occasional Chairs in Australia?

Whether you want a powerful statement piece or just somewhere to relax, our range of occasional chairs in Australia have you covered.

With Australia-wide shipping, you can shop our collections anywhere, anytime. For design advice, you can also call our friendly team on (03) 8795 4499 to discuss how we can help bring your dream space to life!