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Why Mid-Century Modern Furniture is Trending Right Now

Lucy Carter

Posted on May 03 2022

From thrifty furniture restorations on your Instagram feed to brand new pieces on sale at furniture stores, mid-century modern is a huge trend in Australian furniture right now. There are several reasons why we think this style is so popular decades on. Here are some of our best items in the style that you can incorporate into your home today.


#1 Mid-Century Modern Furniture Is Designed Around Functionality

Mid-century modern furniture refers to the reemergence of furniture design that developed in the 1930s to 1960s. Originally coined after the Second World War, the demand for modern furnishings that were practical skyrocketed, laying the foundation for a new design language that did away with old, heavy inlays, complex carvings and embellished curves.

The principle of mid-century modern furniture is to focus on function over form. This results in the clean lines and understated simplicity that has become so iconic in the world of furniture. It's accessible and lightweight, making it easier to move around. It also offers more storage per square inch than the ornate furniture style that came before it.

One great example of a piece that maximises function without compromising on looks is our stylish Nadine extendable table. Perfect for modular apartments, you can take advantage of its extended form when you have more guests over and retract it again for more daily space. Read our styling tips to discover how this piece could fit into your home!


Nadine Extendable Table Home Buy

#2 Mid-Century Modern Furniture Is Easier To Recycle And Repair

One of the reasons that mid-century modern furniture is such a popular option for permanent fixtures in our homes is its longevity. If it’s ever damaged in a move, or from mischievous pets or kids, mid-century modern furniture is easy to repair. Thanks to its simple design philosophy, repairing chips and polishing or painting to give it a new lease on life is effortless.

Investing in a mid-century modern piece of furniture means you can enjoy decades of use, especially as the style has been trending consistently since the 80s. It’s a great starter for someone interested in learning how to create a sustainable furniture choice that can work in with your lifestyle. This synthetic leather barstool sports the classic mid-century modern legs designed for comfort and stability.

Tram Dark Brown Synthetic Leather Barstool

#3 You Can Find Mid-Century Modern Furniture Designs For Every Budget

Over the last two decades, there's certainly been an increase in popularity and demand for mid-century modern furniture in Australia. Modern brands and stores like Home Buy have emerged to meet the needs of consumers demanding for this quintessential furniture design at various price points. The designs of well-respected names like Hans J. Wegner, Florence Knoll and Charlotte Perriand have continued to find their way in contemporary homes today. Home Buy specialises in sourcing some of the best quality mid-century furniture pieces at reasonable prices. For example, this funky mustard occasional chair is a fantastic signature piece for the corner of any room that needs a pop of colour.


Panill Armchair

Shop Our Range of Mid-Century Modern Furniture at Home Buy

Home Buy is committed to sourcing the best mid-century modern pieces at affordable prices, available for delivery anywhere in Australia. With our curated range of pieces available at the touch of a button and frequent restocks, you’re sure to find something you love for yourself or a friend. Order online or contact us to find out more.