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How You Can Achieve A Bedroom Makeover on a Budget

Lucy Carter

Posted on June 02 2022

Who said bedroom makeovers have to be expensive? Planning out your bedroom makeover online is one of the best, most affordable ways you can redecorate and save money. For you, a makeover could be entirely new furniture, updating the lighting or refreshing the decor. So in this blog, we’ll share our favourite ways to achieve a full bedroom makeover without breaking the bank.


A Dream Textile Makeover

Changing up your textiles and materials is one of the easiest ways to get a bedroom makeover to happen on a budget. You can give the entire room the feeling of a facelift by simply changing the bedding, getting new cushions and experimenting with throws. This type of bedroom makeover will change the way you feel about your room and give it a refreshed feeling for a new season.

The best way to go about a textile makeover is to find a signature piece that you really love and coordinate the rest of the materials. For example, this affordable textured Ammin beige cushion is ideal for incorporating into a neutral-toned bedroom. Bedroom makeovers benefit from lots of different textures and materials to create a more cosy appearance. Avoid clashing too many colours or patterns. We recommend using Pinterest and finding a colour palette that inspires you to start in the right direction.


Bedroom Essentials Edit

Another way you can achieve the feeling of a full bedroom makeover on a budget is by swapping out your bedroom hardware. This includes your bedhead, bed frame, soft lighting options and bedside tables. Even if you retain the same textiles, this can completely change the feel of your bedroom. Reconfiguring the layout of furniture in the room is also helpful for a refreshed look.

You can save money and give your bedroom a new look and feel simply by swapping out your headboard. This Coconut Mosaic bedhead is perfect for introducing texture that strikes a balance between rustic and contemporary at an amazing price. Take advantage of pieces like this to work the rest of your hardware and lighting around them.


Change Your Bedroom Decor

The final way we can suggest achieving a bedroom makeover on a budget is by changing your bedroom decor. Whether you’re interested in introducing plants, styling a bookshelf or reconfiguring your bedroom storage, changing your decor is one of the best and most budget-friendly ways to spruce up your room. Displaying new artwork in the bedroom also pulls attention away from any clutter in the room and completely transforms your space. Similarly, purchasing a good value rug can tie a room together and make the placement of furniture feel more intentional. You could also add an occasional chair or storage trunk to the room that adds style and practicality in one.

This Avery Basket that is currently 40% off its original price is a great way to add stylish storage to your room. It’s ideal for storing throws or spare linen or decoratively folded towels.


Get a Complete Bedroom Makeover on A Budget at Home Buy

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