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Learn How To Style A Side Table With These Essential Tips

Laurence Wood

Posted on July 21 2022

Side tables serve two important functions in any living room; practicality and style. Once you’ve selected a table, you must learn how to style a side table without compromising the functionality. You can choose to keep it minimal by incorporating some elements of your interior aesthetic, or embrace the maximalist style that is currently trending. Here are our top tips to help you elevate your lounge room with decor inspiration for your side tables.


Utilise Art, Greenery and Sculptures

Side tables are prime real estate for displaying anything you find beautiful, significant or sentimental. If you’re looking at how to style a large side table, try including potted plants, sculptures or other pieces of art that inspire you. Adding a work of art can inject so much personality and really tie in the theme you have throughout your house, whether it be a large crystal geode, metallic sculpture or ceramic art. If you love to decorate but find yourself running out of space, consider a set of nesting side tables. Having a smaller table to pull out whenever you need is a great way to keep things neat, organised and compact.


Keep It Practical With Books and Coasters

Another great way how to style a side table is by adding books. They are a nice styling element for guests to flip through, and they take up almost no room and are perfect for stacking or placing other items on top. We recommend finding 2 to 3 nice, hard-cover books with laminate dust jackets in bold colours. Coasters are also essential if you plan on using your side table to rest drinks; they limit any condensation table to your table. Coasters don’t have to be mundane. Below is an example of some that would suit almost any living room by tying in wood grain with marble in a chic and practical package. Find similar tips and tricks in our guide to styling coffee tables.


Introduce Soft Lighting with Lamps

Table lamps are another great way to accessorise the side tables in your living space. Symmetry doesn’t have to be the goal when you’re styling your living room, so it’s more than acceptable to have a table lamp on one side of a sofa and a large floor lamp on the other. When shopping for lamps, pay attention to the base and how much space it could take up. If you’re hoping to leave room for other items on your side table, you will benefit from a lamp with a small base and a non-obtrusive lampshade. We love the Eli Table Lamp for its small footprint and an ultra-modern, futuristic shade.


 how to style a side table

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