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How to Style a Coffee Table: Home Buy Top Tips

Lucy Carter

Posted on February 23 2022

A coffee table is a key feature of most living rooms. But how you style your table can be the difference between creating a gorgeous centrepiece for the room or more of an open-air storage area.

A coffee table should strike the right balance between function and style. It can serve many roles in the living room, from a place to put drinks or snacks when guests are around to a space for showcasing books or decorative pieces.

At Home Buy, we have a range of stylish coffee tables available, including ones made from glass, timber and black metal.

Here are our top tips for how to style a coffee table to make it the focal point it deserves to be.


Make Sure Your Coffee Table Reflects Your General Theme

One of the principles of how to style a coffee table that is often missed or overlooked is the importance of making sure that the theme of your coffee table matches the broader theme of your living space. Whether you’re going for a modern, coastal, Boho or Hamptons theme, it is worth putting in the effort to make sure that your coffee table and the objects on it fit within that aesthetic scope. All good styling starts with a clear plan and vision, and styling your coffee table is no exception!


Think About The Scale Of Objects

Before you jump into buying things to put on your coffee table, consider the scale and size of your space. How big is your lounge room? How big is your coffee table itself?

It can also be worth having objects of varying heights on your coffee table, to create a sense of visual contrast. Consider pairing some coffee-table books with a higher vase for an interesting look that sends the viewer’s eyes on a journey.


Consider Incorporating Some Greenery

Here at Home Buy, we’re big believers in the power of adding nature into your living spaces. A little greenery can go a long way towards bringing a coffee table to life, whether you’re incorporating a cute potted plant or a floral arrangement in a vase. Plants can help your table look more organic and calming and less staged. If you’ve got more of a black thumb than a green thumb, a fake plant can do the trick too!


Play Around With Texture


Experimenting with different textures is an important part of how to style a coffee table. All too often, we see coffee tables where everything on the table has the same texture or is made from the same material. This sameness can make the table seem sterile, so why not instead explore pairing a variety of textures, colours and tactile materials to turn your coffee table into a centrepiece which demands attention. A smooth, glossy vase paired next to a piece of coral or stone is one of our favourite combinations.


Don’t Be Afraid To Think Outside the Box!

Who said that coffee tables can only be used to display books and remote controls? Your coffee table is a great place to display feature objects that might typically get lost on bookshelves or stashed away in cupboards. Whether it’s an old family heirloom, a small sculpture, or even a serving tray or lanterns, you can let your imagination run wild.


Want More Tips About How To Style A Coffee Table?

Whether you want to buy one of our affordable coffee tables or another side table for your living area, our online store has options available for every style of home.

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