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How to Decorate a Small Living Room

Laurence Wood

Posted on March 15 2019

In the era of tiny houses and apartment living, small living rooms are an obstacle many of us have to overcome when decorating our homes. But with the right placement of furniture, and a few insider tricks from our interior design experts, you’ll be able to transform your small living room from a cramped space of clutter to a calm retreat.

Use an Occasional Chair

Instead of trying to squeeze two sofas into your living room, swap one of them for an occasional chair. This way, you’ll still be able to accommodate guests and make the space feel like it has ample seating, without it feeling cramped.
We love the Carmel occasional chair if you’re looking for something cozy. And the Luis armchair with a cushion on it is great if you need a small chair to fit nicely into a corner.

Choose the Right Rug

One of the biggest interior design mistakes we see people making when decorating a small living room, is choosing a small rug. While it might seem counterintuitive to fill a small space with something big, a large rug will give the illusion that the space is larger than it really is. And it won’t visually split the room into smaller sections like a small rug would.
When you’re trying to decide what size rug to buy, keep this in mind: rugs should anchor each item of furniture in a room. So you need to make sure your rug can extend from your couch, across to your armchair and all the way to your TV unit. Doing this will give your living room a sense of cohesion, and a feeling that every item of furniture belongs where it is.

Say Hello to Nesting Tables

For everyone with small living rooms, you’ve probably pondered whether or not to purchase a coffee table. On the positive side, you’ll have extra space for putting decorative items, but on the negative side, it might be difficult for people to walk in and out of the living room. For this, we have a solution.
Instead of filling up the middle of your living room with a large coffee table, opt for two or three smaller nesting tables. Nesting tables can slide underneath one another depending on how much space you’re working with. And because they’re small and interchangeable, you’ll easily be able to move them around when you need to. We love the modern but organic look of the Misty A Nesting tables.

Make It Cosy

While the tips we’ve discussed above can make a small living room seem more spacious, we’d also like to say that small spaces are great for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.
So even though we’d suggest choosing the right furniture items to open up the space, we’d also suggest leaning into the small size of the space with your décor. Add a handful of cushions you love, drape a blanket over the side of your sofa and put some poufs on the floor in spaces where you can't fit an armchair. Place some books on your nesting tables and add a candle or vase to make this space somewhere people will naturally gravitate towards.

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