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Here’s Our Guide for How To Style a Lounge Room

Lucy Carter

Posted on February 07 2022

Used as a place to unwind, work, decompress and socialise, the lounge room is undoubtedly the centre of every home. For this reason, it’s important that your lounge room is an inviting space that reflects your sense of style and strikes the right balance between functionality and design. At Home Buy, we offer a range of premium lounge room furniture, which gives you the flexibility to design your lounge room as you see fit, without breaking the bank or compromising on style.
If your lounge room needs a spruce up, here are three tips from us on how to style a lounge room.


Put Thought Into The Lighting Setup

Light fixtures and lamps are not only functional, but they are also important design pieces that can be used to bring your lounge room to life. There are three basic lighting types to consider when lighting your lounge room:

  • General (the background ambient lighting in your room)
  • Task (lighting used for a specific purpose, e.g. reading)
  • Accent (lighting used to highlight a feature in your room).

Layering these three types of lighting lets you create atmosphere in the space, giving you the flexibility to evoke particular moods for your lounge room as its role changes throughout the day.

Putting effort into your lighting setup means that with the flick of a switch, your lounge room can be transformed from a brightly-lit, productive workspace during the day to a moody, relaxing space for entertaining friends. By cleverly layering pendants, table lamps and floor lamps, you can give yourself the power to quickly change the vibe of your lounge room to suit any required scenario.


Consider Furniture Sizing and Proportions

When thinking about how to style a lounge room, it is important to know the exact measurements of your space so that you can size up potential items of furniture against your vision for the room. An oversized sofa can make your entire lounge room feel cramped, while a sofa that is too small can create a cold, empty atmosphere in a room that should be inviting and cosy.

In fact, correct proportioning is a key factor in making a room look and feel just right, and it is important to make sure that the scale and size of furniture pieces are suitable for the space available.

So, how to style a lounge room with proportion in mind? Well, you should choose items based on not just their appearance but also how they will interact with the space. Ask yourself the following questions. “How much free space do I need to comfortably function in this room?” “What is the ideal layout of the space from a visual standpoint?” “What would I like to be the focal point of the room?”.

Nailing the proportions will result in a space that flows naturally and feels inviting for yourself and guests, while also letting you get your daily activities done without feeling constricted.


Play With Texture

In interior design, texture refers to the different surface qualities of things like furniture, walls, floors, rugs and cushions.

Texture brings an extra dimension to the decor of a room, and layering different textures can add depth and warmth to a space. However, when it comes to playing with texture, there is more to consider than simply throwing a rug on the floor or putting a vase on a coffee table.

Designers use textural elements to give a room visual weight, which is the measure of how much an element attracts the eye of a viewer. To create this visual weight, it can be helpful to identify the focal point of the room that has a distinctive texture and build from there.

For a room to be truly inviting, we need to be able to feel it: sinking into the deep embrace of a soft velvet sofa can really add a sense of luxury to a room. It is these small elements that help bring a space to life and turn a house into a home.

Decorative wall art and mirrors are also a great way to add texture to your lounge room. Try contrasting minimalist and functional furniture with wall art and mirrors boasting interesting shapes and eye-catching materials.



How to Style a Lounge Room with Home Buy

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