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Here Are 5 Styling Tips For Your Outdoor Living Furniture

Lucy Carter

Posted on October 27 2021

Moving into a home with outdoor space or a balcony is a goal for many Australians. But, what is the best way to style it? Summer is fast approaching and now’s the time to get your alfresco living space organised for entertaining. We’ve compiled the best design styling tips for outdoor living furniture to make your patio both stylish and functional. By following these tips, you’ll be sure to have an outdoor area that you and your guests enjoy being in.


#1 Utilise the Space You Have

Outdoor spaces can vary in size and layout, so the most important thing is to find furniture and decor that suits your space. Small outdoor spaces will benefit from having modular, lightweight furniture, whereas larger patios can be filled with larger furnishings including outdoor dining table sets. Being aware of the size of your patio or balcony relative to your furniture that you choose will ensure that your space still feels open and inviting. One of the best ways to add intrigue to your patio is with greenery. Lush up your space with potted plants in the corner, hanging plants or even a vertical garden.


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#2 Opt for Neutrals with Pops of Colour

One way to guarantee a design that looks well-considered is to have a cohesive colour palette. Opting for neutrals with pops of colour is a reliable palette that ensures your creative flair is supported by timeless pieces that work all year round. Alfresco furniture and even decor in neutral colours can also keep your furniture from looking outdated. A trend we are seeing this year is white monochromatic outdoor furniture paired with earthy tones. Oftentimes, accent pieces like cushions, throws, rugs and ceramic pots can all be found in various colours to bring any outdoor setting to life. You can browse our range of affordable decor here.


#3 Bring the Indoors, Outside

Many think of the home and outdoor space as separate entities, but we are here to tell you that you can create a flow between these two spaces by coordinating furniture and interiors. Being conscious of the materials and colour palettes you’ve already used in your home make a natural continuation outdoors. Consider the positioning of your furniture, so that the flow from indoor to out feels natural and not as though you’re entering a new zone.

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#4 Natural and Useful Lighting

Natural lighting will also play a role in the composition of your outdoor living furniture. You might want to avoid positioning your furniture towards the setting sun and place it somewhere that is relatively shady. For nighttime, consider how you want your outdoor setting to be lit. Even with built-in alfresco lighting, you can create an ambience with floor lanterns and candles.


#5 Don’t Compromise on Comfort

Comfortable outdoor living furniture should be top of mind if you’re hoping to create a space that people enjoy. Plush outdoor cushions and throws can make your space cosy and inviting on those cooler Summer nights. It’s also important to consider the height of your outdoor living furniture. While low seating is often trending and aesthetically appealing, it might be uncomfortable for some to get in and out of easily. Having a mix of comfy seating options to relax is ideal.


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