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3 Reasons to Love Our Affordable Rattan Furniture

Lucy Carter

Posted on February 04 2022

The continued popularity of rattan furniture is proof that classics never go out of style. Rattan is made from palms which are found in the tropical regions of South and Southeast Asia, and has been used for hundreds of years in weaving and furniture production due to its uniqueness and versatility.

Sturdy, comfortable and stylish, our affordable rattan furniture range at Home Buy is the perfect choice for enhancing your home. Whether you’re renovating, styling, or furnishing a room, here are three reasons to love our affordable rattan furniture.


Timeless Style

At Home Buy, our affordable rattan furniture offers a clean, minimalist style that will bring a sense of sophistication to any space in your home.

The effortlessly cool vibe of rattan makes it suitable for a variety of aesthetics, from retro-themed rooms to Scandi-style minimalism. It also means that rattan looks timeless in any setting - evidenced by its continued popularity as a furniture trend throughout the years.

From stunningly ornate mirrors to gorgeous rattan room dividers, rattan’s natural-looking patterns and textures bring warmth and character to a space, helping to inject liveability and personality into rooms that may be a little on the stiff side.

The woven, exotic appearance of rattan can also be used to create holiday vibes (something we all need more of in our lives at the moment!) or give a room a hint of escapism.


affordable rattan furniture bed head


Durability and Low Maintenance

Our Selina Natural Rattan Armchair is sturdy enough to hold large amounts of weight, and strikes the perfect balance between comfort and durability.

Rattan furniture, such as the Selina armchair, is also resistant to high levels of humidity and temperature extremes. Rattan lets you relax in comfort without worrying about the effects that the harsh Aussie climate might have on damaging your furniture.

Our affordable rattan furniture also requires minimal maintenance: if it gets dirty, all you need to do is dust it down.


affordable rattan mirror furniture

Lightweight and Easy To Move

Rattan is extremely lightweight, making it very easy to move around and reposition if you want to experiment with different styling options. This can provide a nice break from dealing with heavier, bulkier furniture items which give you a sore back every time you decide to reinvigorate your space with a fresh decorating scheme.

The lightweight nature of rattan also makes it easy to transition furniture from indoors to outdoors: after finishing some work on your rattan armchair, why not easily move the chair outside to enjoy a well-earned glass of wine with the sunset?

It is important to note that rattan’s lightness does not equate to flimsiness or breakability: all of our rattan furniture is woven with high-quality, durable material built to last.


affordable rattan furniture


Shop Affordable Rattan Furniture at Home Buy

Whether you’re looking to update a room or furnish a space from scratch, our online store offers premium rattan furniture and accessories at an extremely affordable price. All our items can be delivered anywhere in Australia, and we also offer Afterpay. Shop the complete range of furniture and decor at Australia’s #1 destination for discounted interiors.