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3 Questions to Ask Yourself When Purchasing an Affordable Dining Set

Lucy Carter

Posted on March 29 2022

Choosing a dining set is an exciting part of setting up or redecorating a kitchen or living room. It gives you the opportunity to create a welcoming space for eating, socialising and relaxing.

Given how central the dining table is to home life, it is worth putting in the effort to ensure that you find the perfect affordable dining set for your space. The best dining set will be one that works within your budget, is durable and solidly constructed, and has a style appropriate for your home.

Here, we’ve listed 3 questions to ask yourself when searching for an affordable dining set for your home.


What Is the Theme of the Space?

Theme is always an important consideration when buying new furniture, particularly pieces as central to a home as a dining table and chairs.

If your room has a sleek modern look you will likely require a different style of dining set than if your room has a more vintage look. You may also want to consider using the dining set as a focal point of the room, in which case you could consider an eye-catching, stylish table such as our Juniper Oval Table.

At Home Buy, we have a range of affordable dining sets suitable for a wide variety of themes and are happy to help you find a piece that best fits in with your vibe.


How Will Your Dining Set Fit in the Space?

One of the primary considerations you should make when purchasing an affordable dining set is the space of the room and how the set will fit within that space.

When it comes to a dining table and chairs, you need to have enough space to allow for foot traffic towards and away from the table, as well as give people enough room to easily move their chairs in and out as required. There’s nothing more annoying than a dining space that feels cramped and makes it difficult to get up from the table, so put some thought into the sizing of your dining set and how it will sit in the room.

It can also be useful to look into an extendable table option, which gives you the best of both worlds. Our Nadine Table is extendable up to 320cm, meaning that if some extra guests pop out of the woodwork you won’t have any issues hosting them.


Should You Pair Your Table With Chairs or Bar Stools?

Matching your dining table with a set of chairs or bar stools to create an affordable dining set is where the real fun starts. If you are looking for traditional dining chairs, we offer an extensive variety of chairs ranging from luxurious blue velvet to elegant dark ash.

If you are looking to shake things up a bit, bar stools are becoming an increasingly popular choice due to the style and personality they can bring to a dining room.

Our barstool range includes everything from dark green wool to synthetic leather stools, providing options suitable for whatever theme you are going for.

One thing to bear in mind when selecting bar stools is the height of the stool - you will need to measure this against the table’s height to ensure that the stools make for a comfortable dining experience and don’t result in people’s knees banging against the table!


Need Help Finding an Affordable Dining Set?

If you want more help tracking down the perfect dining set to bring your living room to life, our friendly team at Home Buy are here to help. You can also call our team on (03) 8795 4499 to discuss your dining set options and browse our online store, which offers Australia-wide shipping.